The benefits of good current collection:-

Higher traction efficiency
Reduced maintenance
Reduced arc damage at the working interface
Maximum life of wearing components on both sides of the working interface (contact wire and contact strips)
Reduced electro-magnetic interference
Eurostar with high speed pantograph

Selection of the right pantograph/overhead combination is important. In general, the following parameters should be used to assure optimum pantograph performance in all applications:-

Minimum head mass

Minimum effective dynamic frame mass

Correct head suspension stiffness

Minimum frame and head suspension friction

Minimum aerodynamic effect

Various Options

Many variants are available to suit customer requirements, they include:-

Different actuation methods - click here

Aerodynamic trimming capability

Hydraulic or pneumatic frame damping

Autodrop devices and inertial O.H.L.E fault detectors

3 or 4 point mounting

Manual override systems for pneumatic and electric actuators

Contact strip material to meet requirements (carbon preferred)

Mounting and air feed insulators

Interchangeability with existing units

Other special features and devices custom designed to meet special requirements


Brecknell Willis offer a repair and overhaul service for pantographs